The Docker Installation Page

To build a Docker image from the Dockerfile and make it available on your machine:

  1. Install Docker, e.g. brew cask install docker on macOS using Homebrew
  2. docker build --tag n64sdkmod-docker .

Building the image may take a while, as a GCC cross-compiler needs to be compiled. You may also need to increase the available RAM to 4 GB in Docker's advanced settings to avoid the build process being killed for using up all available container RAM.

To run the container and compile your ROM's source code within the container:

  1. cd /path/to/your/code
  2. docker run --volume "$(pwd):/src" n64sdkmod-docker bash -c 'cd /src && make'

This will copy your source directory into the container, invoke the cross-compiler, and output any build artifacts to your hosts's working directory.

Image of fogworld under Docker on MacOS

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